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Digesil NC
Silicone De-polymerizer

Digesil NC

Digesil NC de-polymerizes uncured and cured silicone elastomers, resins, oils, and greases from components, surfaces, tools, electronics and process equipment used in engineering, construction, and glazing industries.  Digesil NC is effective and fast working.  It has a high flash point for safety and contains less than 0.2% aromatics.


Benefits of Digesil NC

  • Quickly dissolves cured silicone

  • Leaves a silicone free surface

  • Chlorinated and fluorinated solvent free

  • Negligible aromatic solvent content

  • Environmentally responsible

  • Low odor for operator comfort

  • High flash point for safety

  • Low density for ease of handling

  • Rinses with water or solvent

  • Safe on glass, metal, and most plastic (except nylon)

  • Safe on paint and powder coating

  • Water free



Important: In all cases water must not be added to Digesil NC or be present on the surface to be cleaned as this will stop Digesil NC from working.

  • For best results, immerse the part to be cleaned.

  • Digesil NC will remain effective through 5-10 uses of the cleaning solution or until the action stops.

  • The effectiveness of the used solution can be enhanced by adding fresh Digesil NC.

  • Digesil will loosen and debond cured silicone residues in 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Agitation will decrease removal time.

  • For best results, rinse the part well with isopropanol and then water.

  • Although the silicone may not break apart on its own, once the part is agitated or the silicone disturbed, it will fall off the substrate.


Packing and Shipping Information

Digesil NC is non-hazardous for shipment and available in 1-gallon, 4x1-gallon cases, and 55-gallon drums.



Appearance:  Liquid

Color:  Brown

Odor:  Aliphatic-hydrocarbon

Sp.Gr.:  0.82


Hazard Identification

Risk & Safety: Irritating to eyes and skin.  May cause lung damage if swallowed


First-aid Measures

Inhalation: Move the exposed person to fresh air at once.  Get prompt medical attention.

Eyes: Irrigate with water for at least 15 minutes.  Seek medical attention if irritation persists

Skin: Wash contaminated area with soap and water.  Seek medical attention if irritation persists.

Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting.  Rinse mouth thoroughly.  Get medical attention immediately.  Consult the MSDS for full Health and Safety information.


Other products available

Digesil NC conc.: High capacity concentrate

Digesil Gel: Thick grade for vertical surfaces

Digesil FS: Removal of flurosilicones

Di-Aqua: Removal of uncured silicone and silicone oils

Technical Data Sheet for Digesil NC

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MSDS for Digesil NC

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