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RPM Technology provides new and innovative chemistry to aviation, electronics, medical, and numerous other industrial markets.  Our focus is on using advanced environmentally friendly chemistry to solve your most difficult sealant removal, cleaning, grinding and machining problems.





P r o d u c t    L i n e s


Polysulfide and Silicone Removal-made in the USA

PolyGone stripping agents are unique formulations that remove polysulfide (PRC, ProSeal, Chem Seal) and silicone RTV sealants from metal, ceramic, and some plastic substrates. The top polysulfide producers include PRC DeSoto (now PPG), AC Tech, and Flamemaster.  The top silicone producers are GE, Dow, Rhodia, NuSil, and Wacker.  PolyGone is effective at removing silicone RTV and polysulfide (polysulphide) sealants at room temperature, they are fast acting and environmentally friendly as opposed to regularly used solvents.  PolyGone 300-AG is approved for use on Bombardier's 100/200, 700 & 900.  PolyGone 500-AG is also excellent at silicone removal from Rolls-Royce RB211 engines.  Visit our Photo Gallery

Silicone Removal-made in the USA

Digesil Line of Products are designed to remove both cured and uncured silicone elastomers, resins, oils, greases, and DuPont's Krytox from components, surfaces, tools, electronics and process equipment used in engineering, construction, and glazing industries without damaging the substrate. Digesil remover uses different chemistry than PolyGone removers.  Like PolyGone, Digesil removes silicone RTV products from GE, Dow, Rhodia, NuSil, Wacker, and Struers.  The products are offered in both liquid and gel formulations depending on what type of application is required.  A unique benefit of the Digesil line is the Di-Aqua product which is a water based uncured silicone remover.  Di-Aqua emulsifies silicone oils and greases so they may be rinsed away with water.  Like the other Digesil products, Di-Aqua is environmentally friendly.  Visit our Photo Gallery

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products-made in the USA

eOx safely cleans any substrate of oil, all hydraulic fluids, grease, carbon, "blue" stains, Dinitrol AV30, bugs, uncured resins or paints, as well as other difficult to remove contaminants.  eOx is a low VOC answer to your cleaning needs, allowing your business to comply with regulations and still remove oil, hydraulic fluids, grease, and carbon effectively.  eOx AC is approved for use on Bombardier's 100/200, 700 & 900.  Visit our Photo Gallery


Environmentally Friendly Wipes

PolyWipes are a unique non-woven fabric impregnated with a non-toxic aqueous solution.  They remove uncured or partly-cured adhesives and sealants including silicone, RTV, polysulfide (PRC) (polysulphide), grease, oil and dirt quickly and safely.  PolyWipes are biodegradable, non-flammable, non-Toxic, and inexpensive.  Why let your hands dry out when you can use a PolyWipe?  PolyWipes have passed Boeing D6-17487 and Douglas CSD #1. 



Ergonomically Designed Sealant Scrapers-made in the USA

PolyScrapers offer a variety of tips to suit the specific task at hand. Why use a generic sharpened “window” when you can use an advanced highly engineered tool specifically designed to remove sealant?


NEW!! - Water Based Grinding & Machining Fluids by DPI Metalworking

DPI’s products are used throughout Europe from watchmakers to heavy machining.  These products are oil-free, solvent-free (zero VOC!), and emulsifier-free metalworking fluids.  DPI’s unique technology makes it possible to operate modern machine tools without the use of oils, synthetics or emulsions in the cutting fluid circuit.   These revolutionary new products do not support bio-growth so there is no smell associated with them.  Since the product is oil-free, finished parts and swarf do not require cleaning thus saving you time and money.  The superior performance of the fluid means that tooling will last longer so there is less down-time associated with tool changing and alignment.  One customer experienced a 260% increase in tool life when machining titanium.    These products offer customers a way to protect the health of their staff while making a significant contribution to environmental protection and benefiting financially by reducing production costs.


Innovative Cleaning Solutions in Europe

Chela Ltd. provides innovative cleaning solutions and technical care.  Chela Ltd. has formulated the Digesil line of products for the removal of silicone, fluorosilicones, polysulfide (polysulphide), and many other polymers.  The Digesil line of products incorporates a unique chemistry that is safer and more effective than conventional solvents.


RPM Technology is the exclusive North American distributor of Chela's Digesil line of products in North America.

Secondary Containment Sealant

Petrol-Seal is a fuel resistant sealant.  Petrol-Seal is designed for petroleum secondary containment sealing applications. The cured sealant maintains excellent elastomeric properties after prolonged exposure to unleaded, leaded and alcohol enriched (oxygenated) fuel.




GenSolve is now marketed under the PolyGone name for the non wafer fabrication market.


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Date Issued: 05/11